Rotation support for OS2008

Rodrigo made a nice patch to support the RandR extension with Xomap so you can rotate the screen at runtime. I made some fixes and compiled everything for OS2008 on the N8x0. The rotation works quite nice with hildon. Some minor glitches are to be expected as some dialogs are made with fixed sizes. But overall it is nice for browsing and reading emails and so on. For copyright notes please see here.

To bring this patches into the next ITOS releases, vote for bug #3519.

Quick instructions for a N810 running Diablo

Quick instructions for a N800 running Diablo


I do not support Chinook anymore. If you still really use it, contact me for further instructions.


As this modifications make changes to core components, you should make a backup and you should know what you are doing. I take no responsibility for things you break.

Good luck ;-)


Screenshot of the applet

Rotated desktop:
Screenshot of a rotated desktop

Screenshot of the browser